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Raised Deep Water Culture Bay
Raised deep water culture bays brings water to an easily accessible height. Adjustible table height provides stability on unlevel surface. Raised beds use only 6 inches of water, reducing the water volume from that of a traditional deep water culture bay.




Ease Of Use

Frames are prewelded to simplify assembly. Simply bolt frames together, line bays, and fill.



Frames are welded from high-strenth steel to ensure structural integrity. Lower structural support member prevent bowing.



Frames come in 8 foot lenghts, can be assembled in any length or width to accommodate grow space.





Raised DWC Bay 40' Fully Loaded Package

    • Adjustible Table Height
      • Up to 18 in. in adjustible range
    • Cabled Grow Light Support System
    • Grow Lights
    • Water Inlet & Return System
    • Air Systems
  • Length (ft.) : 40

    Width (ft.) : 8

    Height (ft.) : 2 (not including adjustible leg)

    Height with Lighting System (ft.) : 4