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With our roots in humanitarian aid, our goal is to help find ecological and economical solutions to food production for all people.

- Ryan Cox, Founder and CEO

Our Story

Our original inspiration came from the film Beyond Borders. As founder and CEO, Ryan Cox watched the story of a CEO’s journey though global hunger and philanthropy, he realized there was more he could do to feed people than a monetary donation. Ryan became inspired to design a self-sustainable agriculture system for global use, and the HATponics portable farming solution was born a year later. Along with the company came a dream: to feed 20 million people by 2020. 


HATponics began their mission by focusing on the American classroom, building small-scale farms with children to empower them to take charge of their food supply. Quickly, however, we realized that food access was a global problem that needed larger solutions. So, we translated our classroom systems into commercial farming solutions. 


Since 2013, HATponics has developed innovative sustainable aquaponics systems, served classrooms across the globe, and constructed numerous projects for commercial and local use. Although we did not feed 20 million by 2020, Ryan Cox finds true success in the company’s journey, saying “We found that through just trying to feed that many people, we learned what it takes to feed the planet.” 


With that in mind, HATponics has a new goal: to feed 30 million people by 2030.

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