We define our success by your success. So while you ultimately own and operate your HATponics system, you never go it alone thanks to extensive training and long-term monitoring. 


The first step is SITE INSPECTION. We will determine space constraints and ensure you have the infrastructure to maintain your system long-term, such as community support and access to basic repair materials.


Once committed, we highly recommend a FARM VISIT for full submersion in day-to-day HATponics operations. This is the most accurate view of what life will be like as an aquaponics farmer.


During installation, we require the farm manager to be present for SET-UP AND TRAINING. Our systems are designed to be built and repaired by an eighth-grader, but there is a learning curve that is only conquered by hands-on training. 


Finally, we leave you with our state-of-the-art MONITORING SYSTEM, which provides us with vital, real-time information on the health of your system. Should the need arise, we have the ability to assist in your system operations from anywhere in the world via a smartphone. 

Recent Builds

At HATponics we can build everything from a small greenhouse in your backyard to large corporate growing facilities.


This 16 ft Biosphere provides elementary students with hands-on experience in the world of sustainable agriculture. 


Frames go up on a new greenhouse in Virginia. This greenhouse will be used to educate college students on sustainable farming practices. 


HATponics Portable Farms can be deployed anywhere, even Arkansas. Our portable farms have been deployed all over the world. This one feeds cattle in the middle of Arkansas.


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