FEED The World

3oMillion by 2030

HATponics was founded on the dream of teaching the world how to live and farm sustainability. Our mission pushes us to provide solutions to the ending of global hunger. In order to keep true to our mission of feeding the world, we constantly invest in feeding the hungry. We use our knowledge, resources, and passion for feeding the world to send crews around the world to feed those in need.


Follow our mission to feed 30 million by 2030 as we travel the globe deploying sustainability agriculture solutions.

Our Solution to Feeding the Hungry


Portable Farm


  • The equivalent of a 2.5 acre farm packed into a shipping container for easy delivery around the world

  • Remote temperature control

  • Wind & Solar Powered


  • 40 feet wide x 100 feet long

  • 20 feet wide x 50 feet long


  • 16,00 fish

  • 7,500 plants

  • Can feed 300-500 people daily

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