HATponics Commercial Drying Unit is designed to provide the optimal drying conditions for Cannabis. Drying room are engineered to maintain low levels of humidity and temperature in order to reduce the moisture content in the cannabis bud without creating mold or affecting potency.


Our shipping container drying rooms provide portability without sacrificing durability. Each room is Turn-Key ready once they are plugged in. Each unit can run independently and controlled remotely. In order to ensure uniform drying throughout the container airflow is directed through perforated wall panels. Ensuring that every plant is given the same amount of airflow. Air is then filtered and recycled to lower odor. Each container is heavily insulated to lower energy cost and to provide more optimal drying conditions. An extra wide and heavy-duty freezer door is used to ensure there is no thermal transfer at entryways while also allow pallet size load to enter drying room.


Clean up is made easy with removable interior features. All interior features are easily removable to ensure easy cleaning. Features include walls, ceiling, lighting fixtures, and return ductwork can all be removed.




  • Exterior: 40ft. x 8ft. x 9ft.
  • Interior: 39ft. 8in. x 7ft. 3in. x 7ft. 3in
  • Doorway: 7 ft. x 4ft.
  • Heat/Cool: 18,000btu (Temperature Range of 45 – 98 degree Fahrenheit)
  • Dehumidification: Range 35 – 70 RH (Can remove up to 125 pints/day)
  • Control: Digital controls with remote capabilities


  • Fire Suppression System
  • Remote data monitoring and management
  • HOT-SPOT controls

Agricultural Drying System


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