The EC Mini Kit is the latest EC controller in family of monitors and dosers from Autogrow.



  • Leak Alarms
    • Checking dose count is useful if a leak should develop or the pump fail and should prevent continuous dosing alarms. The alarms can be enabled to operate on the controller when the EC or DC/h deviates outside the user set-point. 
  • Affordability
    • The EC Mini is affordable enough to be used as a mains powered monitor, continuously displaying the measured electrical conductivity. By adding solenoid valves or dosing pumps it becomes a low cost dosing system.

EC Mini Kit

SKU: HKIT-EC-002-01
    • Reading can be changed to EC or CF 

    • Timed dosing for easy set-up 

    • Range from 0 to 9.9mS (0 to 99CF) 

    • Resolution 0.01mS/cm (0.1CF) 

    • Two year warranty

    • Graphite electrodes for minimal contamination 

    • Easy to recalibrate by using 27.64CF standard solution 

    • Displays dose count 

    • If dose count per hour exceeds user limit, alarm sounds and dosing stop 

    • Built-in alarm (can be turned off)

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