IntelliClimate automatically manages all aspects of grow room climate control from temperature to CO2, lighting to humidity, all in one simple controller.


Designed specifically for the indoor grower, the IntelliClimate controls all aspects of your growing environment so you can easily manage your grow room climate control systems. No comparable controller on the market gives you this much accuracy, efficiency and commercial grade control.




                                                                    Key Benefits


Ease Of Use

Easily move between set-points, alarms and configuration. Our step-by-step instruction manual makes set-up a breeze.




Working as a complete climate controller, the IntelliClimate will utilize every peripheral available to maintain your exact climate needs. The IntelliClimate is constantly evaluating and making decisions based on current attributes of the growing area.




Using the IntelliGrow software, you can set your entire schedule up in one fell swoop, making changes if needed and saving schedules for future use. Change your lights or adjust your CO2, all automatically.



SKU: HKIT-IC-001-01
  • EnviroSensor

    It is recommended that a second sensor is used in rooms larger than 20’ x 20’ to get a more accurate reading. The IntelliClimate will take an average of both readings and make climate control decisions based on the average.

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