The IntelliLink provides internet connectivity to Intelli devices, allowing remote accessibility to IntelliGrow - no need for a dedicated on-site computer. 


The IntelliLink serves as a gateway to connect your IntelliDose or IntelliClimate devices to IntelliGrow software. It uses your existing network infrastructure and replaces the need to have an on-site computer. 


Remote Monitoring

With IntelliLink you can control your IntelliDose or IntelliClimate systems from anywhere with access to the internet. Including cellular networks. 


Works with:

  • Mac, PC and Smartphones


Check real-time data and review historical grow data to increase future yeilds.


Constant software update means you'll always be uptoday with the new improvements.


Additional Benefits

  • Disaster proof
  • Alerts via email and SMS
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Online scheduling
  • Unlimited data logging
  • No additional computer needed


IntelliLink Kit

    • IntelliLink
    • 3m ethernet cable
    • 5V DC 2.5A power supply with universal plug
    • 3m USB cable
  • Shipping Weight (lbs.) : 1

    Lenght (in.) : 6

    Width (in.) : 6

    Height (in.) : 2

    Manufacturer : Autogrow

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