Modular Strawberry Grow Room

Modular farming allows you to customize your growing operations any way you want. Prebuilt grow rooms allow for a turnkey solution shipped directly to your doorstep. Modular design allows for advanced customization. Controlled environment with high ventilation, ideal growing tempatures, controlled dosing and lighting system allow for high yeilds at low opperating costs.

Modular Strawberry Farm

  • Ease Of Use

    If you know how to access the internet you are quilifed to run this system. Preset grow settings make getting started easy.

    Remote Monitoring & Control

    Tempature, Humitity, Light Levels and more at the touch of your smart phone or com- pute.WIFI enable provides wireless control and support through 24/7 help line moni- toring.

    Turnkey Ready

    No need to wait months for your new grow house to be ready. HATponics Portable Farms are plug in and ready to grow.

    Smart Dosing System

    Auto dosing system allows for reduced labor and effecent use of nutrient. Simply refill dosing bucks when there empty and the system will take care of the rest.

    *annual subscription required with Autogrow

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