Get better results with a pH controller that monitors your pH levels and adjusts them with an automatic pH doser. Add a peristaltic pump to create a fully functional dosing system.


The pH Mini Kit is a single function controller that lets you control your pH. The pH Mini may be used as a mains-powered monitor or, by adding a peristaltic pump, it becomes a fully functional dosing system, managing fluctuations in your pH. The controller will add either acid or alkali (to lower or raise the pH).



  • Affordable, dependable pH maintenance
  • Easy to navigate menu
  • Simple calibration with 4 & 7 buffer solutions
  • 300ml/minute peristaltic pump handles reserviors up to 1,000 gallons
  • Expert technical support, always
  • Setting up is easy. Simply plug it in, calibrate your probe and set your dose times and intervals
  • The pH Mini can does either pH up or down, depending on your system's needs. These units are ver accruate and only need to be calibrated every two weeks


pH Mini Controller Kit

SKU: HKIT-PH-002-01
    • Weight (lb.) : 5
    • Length (in.) : 13
    • Height (in.) : 8.5
    • Manufacturer: Autogrow
  • Tech Specs

    • Timed dosing for easy set up
    • Resolution 0.1 pH
    • Range from 2 to 10 pH
    • Replaceable BNC standard pH electrode
    • Two year warranty (6 months on pH electrode)
    • Built-in alarm (can be turned off)
    • Display dose count
    • Easy to calibrate using pH 7 & 4 buffer solutions

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