HATponics Mission: 

HATponics believes in a sustainable solution to world hunger. In East Tennessee and Northwestern Georgia we have had a huge impact on the community, providing farm​ing resources to students, educators and those in need. However, our goal is to reach farther, and encourage our students here to contribute to the goal of feeding 20 million people by the year 2020 by sending farms to populations in need.


      HATponics creates sustainable agriculture solutions for  education and humanitarian aid

using Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Terraponics farming methods. HATponics is the leader

 in aquaponics farming and sustainable agriculture education in the Southeast and

at the forefront of sustainable agriculture development in East Tennessee and North Georgia.

Internship or Volunteer Opportunities

HATponics offers a unique internship program with a variety of focus areas. All students of any experience level are welcome to apply. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and internship programs are carried on throughout the year. Additionally we have volunteer opportunities for people of all ages with several different HATponics projects.

What is Aquaponics?

Using modern applications with the ancient technology of Aquaponics (a the combination of hydroponics and aquaculture) fish and vegetables are raised together in a closed-loop system that is its own self-contained ecosystem. Fish raised in tanks naturally produce waste in the water which is pumped through plant beds where it is absorbed as fertilizer by the plants and filtered to return safely to the fish.